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The following pages show a few of the numerous success stories for MMCG.  Over the past three decades, MMCG has been involved in numerous major but sensitive projects involving potentially hazardous operations off the California Coast.  MMCG has been consistently selected to design and implement wildlife protection plans for such projects.  Many of these projects have been highly visible to the public, readily accessible to media and public alike, and well-publicized.  No complaints have been made by the public or from environmental groups during any MMCG project.  No significant impacts have been observed on any marine wildlife during such projects, despite the unprecedented scrutiny and high visibility of such projects.

MMCG has earned the respect of the regulatory agencies because of this success record.  MMCG has also earned the respect of industry, the military and of various governments because the projects were carried out with no complaints or costly delays.  Finally, MMCG has earned the respect of the public and of environmental groups because of its genuine concern for wildlife and its record of successful wildlife protection.